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Customer Projects

MQTT-SN Gateway

Development of an asyncio MQTT-SN Gateway

DLMS/COSEM API for Iskra AM550 electricity meter

Development of internal API for readout of meter data.

LwM2M Device Management System

Development of a LwM2M Device Management using Django for backend and Leshan as LwM2M layer.

SOS Alarm integration platform

Integrating alarms from gas meters directly to the swedish national alarm operator.

NB-IoT for Smart Metering

Technical evaluation of NB-IoT for Smart Metering use-cases and procurement support for DLMS/COSEM compatible electricity meters.

Enabling real time data from older electricity meters.

Development of edge-computing system for local readout of electricity meter and pushing real time data to backend.

Agile District Heat Planning

Development of concept for agile District Heat planning using JIRA.

Real time AMR using 6LoWPAN and MDM using NoSQL

Development of integrations and AMR and MDM solutions for the swdish test site in Hylle, Malmö för the EU project Flexmeter

Streaming real time data from heat meters

Development of edge-computing system for reading heat meters in real time and streaming data to real time data store.

Side Projects


We offer our smart metering related services and products under the name Utilitarian.

With several years of experience in Smart Metering we built a multi-utility AMR system as we wanted it to work

We offer our AMR system and our services to utility companies and other service provider in the Smart Metering sector.


Sitting in front of a computer all day, every day is not healthy. We also run a small scale farm producing chemical free veggies, honey and eggs. This gives us some time to reflect on coding problems and the physical work keeps us healthy.

All our internal farm/business support tools are of course built using Python