Software Engineering

We can handle your apps from idea to deployment


We build scalable cloud native solutions. To do this we focus on designing distributed systems as microservices using containers like Docker interconnected with messaging frameworks like AMQP or MQTT.

If your company is already developing applications for the cloud we can help design new systems for high data load that scales as you need them. If your are looking into transitioning into the cloud we can help with strategic outlines on how to change your software to become cloud native.

Back End Engineering

We mostly develop different web-projects and communications software. As always we use Python for our applications. Python offers many frameworks for web development but we focus on Django and Flask. We use Django for larger application where we want to be able to have better database migration tools, authentication and security. Flask is used when we prototype solutions, run simple microservices or integration APIs. When we build communication software, for example for reading energy meters in real time, it is a bit different setup from web projects but we still use Python.

Since Django runs really well with Postgres we naturally have ended up always using Postgres as a database backend for our solutions. We also have experiance in running the NoSQL-database Apache Cassandra. We used Cassandra to handle real time data in smart metering applications.

Front End Engineering

We make custom web applications using Angular. Angular is a Javascript framework created by Google and we use it to create awesome web experiences, that are fast and reactive. Single Page Applications (SPA) and Progressive Web Apps (PWA) are becoming more common since your team can support multiple platforms from the same codebase.

API Design & Integrations

An API is a user interface where the users are other developers. It is important to have a good API so that your colleges or customers that use your service enjoy and quickly understand the API. We can help your company build clean and RESTful APIs for their web applications. In this we are not limited to just Python, as long as we team up with your developers. We have for example designed microservices in .Net Core

We also have experience building integrations to other systems, including SAP, and can help your company with extending you applications to send and get information from other systems

Agile Project and Product Management

We develop in an agile environment and are used to lead project and manage products using the agile toolbox. We use JIRA for collaboration and task management. We can help your company to deliver features faster and have opportunity to change direction in favour of customer demands.